Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Should I Continue with Neobux?

WHY DOUBTFUL: We all know neobux is an Old And Trusted ptc site. I have joined neobux 22 June 2015. And so I am a new member. My total earning is $3.31 now. It is about 47 days I have earned  $3.31. I have 9 rented referrals. All rented referrals do not click. But It is about 35 days I have joined buxept . I have total earned $ 3.9 and I have rented 20 referrals. So buxept is better than neobux. But now I am thinking should I continue with neobux ? Because the earning is very low. Neobux pays $0.001 per click. And so it will take a long time to make money online with neobux. I thing it may take one year. This means I am not going to earn money from neobux this year. Also getting direct referrals (DR) become harder then before. So tell me should I continue with neobux? 
Why Working: Bcoz I want to struggle. First look at this:  
1. Standard Member: $0.01 click / $0.005 referral click
2. Premium Member: $0.01 click / $0.01 referral click
3. Payout Time: Instant
4. Payout Minimum: $2.00
5. Premium Membership: $90/yr
6. Sign-up Bonus: None
7. Members: 1,000,000+

My goal is Golden member ship and 4000rented referrals. Golden membership cost $90 a year. And 4000rented referrals cost $800Month, each referral =$0.20 per month. So my monthly cost only $800 for keeping 4000RRs. But my monthly income will be 4000*$0.4=$1600. So about $800 in profits.


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